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Business Ideas Competition for Innovation in Raw Materials. EIT RawMaterials invites you to participate and present your business idea related to the topics mentioned in the format outlined by the Business Plan Competition. Upon acceptance of the idea, participants will have one month to develop a business plan. Ideas submission deadline: 17 October 2016

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Symposium: “When technology meets marine sciences: towards UE research priorities” | 14th December 2015 | Naples
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"1st International Conference of Geo-Energy and Geo-Environment 2015 (GeGe2015)" | 4th - 5th December 2015 | Hong Kong

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"National Seminar for waste recycling of construction and demolition" | 17th September 2015 | São Paulo, SP

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International Days in Critical Raw Materials: Extraction, recycling & innovative industrial technologies” | 25-26th June 2015 | Burgos, Spain

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Horizon 2020 - Calls on Raw Materials in 2015

A list of H2020 - calls on Raw Materials in 2015 has been published in the section "Private Area"


ROSE Kick-off Meeting | 15-16 January 2015 | Naples, Italy

The report of ROSE kick-off meeting is now available in the "Private Area" section. Please let us know if some important information is missing.

The presentationsat the ROSE kick-off meeting can be downloaded in the section "Private Area"


Boosting innovation in the raw materials sector: the EIP meets in Brussels | 13-14 January 2015

Here the link to the presentations at the EIP on Raw Materials High Level Conference and Horizon 2020 Brokerage Event on Raw Materials


ROSE - Recycling Of Secondary raw materials for a sustainable optimization of construction processes in civil Engineering 




The goal is to increase the use of Secondary Raw Materials (SRM) in construction engineering processes. The SRM the commitment intends to work on are: mining and quarrying tailings, construction and demolition waste, fly ash, paper mill waste, yarn mill waste, textile fibre waste, plastic waste. A proper combination of these SRM will be treated and processed to develop innovative solutions with added economic value for geotechnical, structural and functional applications. Most of the proposed activities have already been studied and tested at a research level (lab or small scale models). The objective is to foster a virtuous process of industrial application at EU scale, putting together multidisciplinary academicians, waste producers, recycling companies, socioeconomic researchers and stakeholders to prepare and test new environmentally compatible products to be introduced into market.


Expected impacts 

The expected impacts of the activities of the proposed commitment are: